ArtWay Tools Extruders and Disks

Artway Extruders

The ArtWay Line of Extruders provides you with best dispensing tool on the market. No where else will you find a tool with the power, versatility and material volume comparable to our extruders.

Our Extruders Can:

  • Make Buttons
  • Make Canes
  • Make Bracelets
  • Make Beads
  • Extruder Food
  • 250+ extrudable designs available
  • Custom designs available



  • Can handle Up to 900lbs of resistance
  • Available in 1" or 2" diameter Barrels
  • Can hold up to 1 lb of clay in 2" barrel. (Clay must be well conditioned)
  • Disks are made from 3/8" acrylic and laser cut for precise designs
  • Accessory barrel available to convert your 2" barrel into a 1" barrel
  • An electric powered 2" extruder is also available


Each Extruder comes with 2 free disks