Botanical Wonders Workshop - Jeff Dever

Date: 30-May-2016
Capacity: Not Set


Class is $250,

Limited seating

Payment made payable to Jeff Dever, mailed to Polymerclayexpress to reserve spot

questions call 1-800-844-0138

2016 Botanical Wonders—Polymer Clay Express Materials List

List of materials to be provided by the student:
  • Basic polymer clay tool kit, which includes: a smooth work surface (glass, tile, etc.) and your favorite clay working tools
  • pasta machine (dedicated to non-food use)
  • notebook/sketch pad & pencils (one soft and one hard pencil)
  • tracing paper
  • Armor All – automotive protectant spray for use as mold release
  • 3M white paper tape or masking tape
  • tissue blades (one new and sharp, one old and dull, if you have them)
  • #11 X-acto knife and replacement blades
  • various sculpting tools (whatever you already have)
  • various size needle tools (whatever you already have)
  • various wet/dry sandpaper in 60, 100, 150, 220, 400 grit (bring a small selection, not all grits…I’ll have some extra)
  • baby wipes
  • face/dust mask for dry sanding
  • small water container for wet sanding
  • a selection of various colored clays, consider having some darker and some lighter values for contrast (I use Premo, other brands will work but the characteristics of Premo seems to work best for hollow forms)
  • small needle-nose pliers w/wire cutting capability (to cut harder wire)
  • small round-nose pliers
  • very fine #10 or #12 crochet hook for glue application
  • spool of white thread
  • eye protection (for wire cutting)
  • cutting surface (or use back of pad)

OPTIONAL: small palette knife with thin flexible blade, pin vise and jewelers bits, speedball linoleum cutting knife with fine v gouge tips

NOTE:  Many of these materials and others are available at our workshop hosts location, or online