Make a cute little scrap dragon in about a half an hour!

The tools and materials are simple ones. Scrap clay, some rolled on the #1 setting, some on the #4 setting for the wings, mica powders like PearlEx or Powdered Pearls in any colors you want, a blade, a scalpel or x-acto knife, a toothpick, a blunt needle tool, something with which to texture the wings, a drop of diluent or TLS, a strip of aluminum foil and two or three glass beads.

Click on the small pictures to see enlarged versions with text on them that explain each step.

Very few supplies and tools are needed for this little project.
Nibble out the curved side of the small strip cut from the thick sheet.
Lay the egg of foil onto the thick sheet. Wrap clay around foil.
Smooth the clay into the foil and mold the extensions together.
Roll the extensions smooth, and cut off excess, leaving about 2'' at head end and 3'' at tail end of dragon.
Thicken base of tail, push neck up higher on body, fold over clay at head area.
Form head into a pointed cone shape.
Pinch a 'fin' shape out of the neck up to back of head.
Looking down on top of the head.
Blunt the nose to give him a bit of a snout.
Push the bead into the side of the head. You can line the eye cavity with silver leaf if you don't have silver paint for the beads.
Form two tiny curved worms and place them over the beads for eyelids.
Poke nostrils with the blunt needle tool and detail a mouth crease with a toothpick or sharp tool.
Position the head and neck to add personality.
Attach the spines you made earlier to the back of the dragon.
Make the legs.
On each foot, make three little indentations with the blunt needle to form four toes.
Press legs to sides of body. Add details like horns, ears, scales.
Poke holes above eyes, add horns with ears in front.
If you liked Elizabeth Kenyon's book, Song in the Silence, you might want to add a small bead for a 'soulgem' to the forehead.
Beginning the wings.
Texture the wings.
Apply mica powders to wings.
Apply mica powders to body, leaving a clear area at the top of the body to attach wings.
Attach wings to bare spots on body. Pose the wings, then check that the horns and tail are positioned where you want them. You can prop a ball of crumpled foil under the wings if you want them lifted. I cure mine for about an hour at 275º and let them cool in the oven.
Here's our little dragon, finished. You can make them a lot smaller, too. Here he is with a little friend.
And yet another friend shows up.

That's it! You have a little dragon to sit on your computer and fry away those electronic gremlins with a mighty blast. Be careful, though - legend has it that the ground turns to gold wherever the dragon sleeps! Have fun!