Mini picture frames - make several for a pretty group.

For this mini-lesson, the tools and materials are simple and again, you can make good use of scrap clay. I rolled a sheet of scrap on the #1 setting, covered it with a thin sheet (#6) of black clay, then rolled it through the pasta machine, again on the #1 setting. You'll also need a about a foot of coordinating wire, a roller, cookie cutters in shapes you like, blade, a few drops of TLS, metallic wax or cream such as Rub'N'Buff or Mini Metallics Rub-ons and some scrap lace.

Click on the small pictures to see enlarged versions with text on them that explain each step.

Most of the tools and materials that you need, you probably already have handy.
Roll over lace on your sheet of scrap clay so that the surface is well-impressed with the lace design.
Cut out two matching frame shapes. If you're using a scalloped cutter, cut one shape from the front of the sheet and one from the back so that the scallops match up.
Cut a frame opening in the front. Roll a little of the sheet into a very thin setting (#6) and cut three strips from it. Twist about a foot of wire into a rope, then shape it and knot the ends together. Trim. Force a little clay around the knot.
Attach the strips along the lower edges of the back of the front piece of the frame. Attach the wire to the back of the frame with the lump of clay at the knot.
Flip the front over and trim the edges so that the spacer strips are lined up with the edges of the frame.
Apply a little cut-out piece over the lump of clay on the back and using the lace to add texture, press it in to the back of the frame. Cure both pieces according to manufacturer's directions.
When cool, apply a bead of TLS to the spacer strips on the back of the front piece.
Put frame back over front, matching up edges. Cure again according to manufacturer's directions.
Wait until frame is cool and then, with a barely-painted finger, apply a very light coat of a metallic wax or cream.
Most of these have had additional decoration added. I used roses and leaves from commercial molds and from button molds I made.
You can cover the attachment of wire on the back with a tiny bouquet or other decoration.