Customizing Buna Cord with Lumiere Paints

You'll need the Buna rubber cord that you want to paint, the colors of Lumiere Acrylic Paints that you'll use, something to use as a palette, clean paper and a sea sponge. I'm using Turquoise, Purple and Blue, here, to match the colors in the mokume gane pendant. Pour little puddles of paint onto your palette and lay the buna cord on a sheet of clean paper, with more nearby.

Dab the sea sponge into one of the colors and dab it onto the cord wherever you want it. Use a different area of the sponge to pick up another color. Continue this until you've used the colors that you want to use. You'll have to work fast so that the paint doesn't dry while stuck to the paper.

When the cord is as covered as you want it to be.....

Flip it onto a sheet of clean paper and start on the other side. I've found out since I took this picture that you get a more varied result if you go backwards through the color sequence when you paint the second side.

Disentangle the strands and air dry them for a few minutes, then lay them on freezer paper or waxed paper for an hour. Cure at 250° for five minutes. The paint is flexible and stretches with the Buna... you can even roll tight o-rings over it without harming it.

Click to see more detail. Click to see more detail. Click to see more detail.

Click to see more detail.

These pendants and beads were made from the Natasha bead technique and a variety of mokume gane techniques... some with Genesis Paints, some with Genesis and Lumiere Paints and the new Variegated Foils, and one from just layers of Premo! Sculpey pearl colors.