One way to use the Lazertran Silk Transfer Paper
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Lazertran Silk

Take your collage of photographs or your printed images to a copy shop and have them copied to the glossy side of the Lazertran Silk. The only brand of copier not recommended is the Hewlett Packard brand. Ricoh, Minolta, Canon and Xerox - any of those would be fine. I used a Canon for my first experiments, and it seemed to work well. The images darken slightly in curing, so try to either make sure that your original is just a tad lighter than you eventually want, or have the copy shop lighten the images a little in the copying. There is no need to leave a margin if you don't want to, so you can pack a lot of images onto one sheet of Lazertran. Do not allow the shiny face of your transfer page to get wet... even the tiniest drop of water can ruin that part of the transfer.

Cut out the part of the image that you'll use. Turn it face down onto a sheet of clay, and rub it down carefully to make sure that you've got good adherence.

Some images I've burnished well with a bone folder, others I have used just my fingers, and it doesn't seem to have any effect on the finished transfer, one way or the other.

You can either hold the clay under running water, or drip water onto it or dab at the paper with a wet towel. Let the water soak in. Wait for a few seconds to a minute.

Either lift one edge of the paper, or just slide the wet paper off of the sheet of clay. Dry any surface moisture. It won't smudge or smear.

Trim excess clay away. The clay can be manipulated at this point, to curve around a bead or other object or other clay surface. Cure.

These are cured transfers waiting for frames. The Lazertran Silk doesn't leave any trace of an edge or shiny surface on the clay... just a very clean, detailed transfer.