Lazertran Rattle Pendant by Terry Lee Czechowski

Polymer clay - 2 colors
Lazertran Silk
Color-copied (must be toner based) MIRRORED images on Lazertran Silk
Buna Cord
Powder or cornstarch
Cyanoacrylite glue
Tiny misc beads and/or bells
Paper towels and water

Brayer, rolling rod or recommended pasta machine
Wax paper
Circle cutter - optional
Sponge (I like the cosmetic sponges for this)
Clay extruder - optional (I like the new SugarCraft extruder for Premo or Fimo Soft)
Craft knife - #11 blade recommended
Wood domed shapes
Batting and baking pan

- Roll out an even thin sheet of light colored clay, about a #3 on the atlas pasta machine.
- Using just a drop or two apply Diluent to the clay surface where the images will be applied. Rub it in slightly until there is a bit of drag on the clay and there is no longer a slick shiny surface. Be careful to not leave any nicks or depressions in the clay. You want a nice flat surface for the transfer.
- Put the Lazertran Silk images face down on the clay and smooth the backing with your finger to ensure full contact. You want to avoid any air bubbles. Let set for about 10 minutes. (this depends on the actual copy machine that was used. Do some test samples. Leaving the LTS on the clay longer seems to yield a 'wetter' transfer that is more susceptible to smearing)
- Using a sponge, wet the backing paper, let set a moment then blot excess water. (this dissolves the adhesive releasing the backing paper from the transfer)
- Gently lift the backing paper off the clay and carefully blot any moisture. Let set for a few minutes to dry.

- Cut out two circles from the transferred images. They should be the same size circles.
- Place each circle on a domed wooden shape that has been dusted with cornstarch. Be careful to center the clay on the dome. If you have only one wooden shape cure the transferred clay in two bakings.- Bake according to manufacturer's recommendations.

- Rub a bit of Diluent on the inside edges of the baked domes. Again, make sure you use just a bit and rub off any excess.
- Roll a snake of clay and fit along the inner edge of one of the baked domes.

- Dust a bit of powder inside the snaked area being careful to not get any on the top surface of the snake. Place a couple tiny beads and or bells inside the snaked area. Fit the two domes together and gently press to adhere.
- Smooth the outer edges of the rattle. Extrude a strip of clay in the contrasting color. (or roll a nice even thread of clay). Attach the strip starting at 2 o'clock then traveling counter-clockwise around the rattle. When you reach 2:00 again make a small hanging loop then continue around this time going clockwise until you get to 10:00. Make another hanging loop then trim off excess.

- If you are using extruded clay this can only be baked once so any other embellishments needed to be added at this time. I chose to add a small flower, from a transferred image, which I added a bit of contour to before attaching to the front of the rattle.
- Final baking according to manufacturer's recommendations.
- Cut one end of Buna Cord at a sharp angle, thread thru one hanging loop and glue to itself with a dot of cyanoacrylite glue. Measure to preferred length and then do the same for the other end.

- Have fun rattling away as you go your way.

© 2001 Terry Lee Czechowski