The Holly and The Ivy
Quickie Wreath Ornaments & Gift Toppers

This is so fast and easy... grab a handful of dark green scraps and mix it until it's well marble-ized. Grab a handful of lighter green scraps and marble that, as well. Roll them into thin-ish sheets. (#4 on my Atlas) Form a flat base ring about two inches wide, texture the back with fabric, stamps or other texture tools. Turn it ugly side up and set it aside on a sheet of paper or the baking surface.

Texture the sheets of green, if you like... fine fabric will camoflage fingerprints. From your sheet of lighter green, cut four-pointed stars, and from your darker green, cut six-pointed stars. Modify the shapes as shown, detail with a toothpick, and stick one point of the star into your base. When the base is covered with "leaves," make berries from a bright red, cut a heart from the same red, modify the shape, and press the heart down with a tiny texture tool. Brush a little diluent wherever the berries meet the leaves - this improves adhesion in places where you can't use much pressure.