Faux Abalone Shell with Black Oxide Powder

Make a rainbow Skinner blend and make two packages of Premo White Pearl into an even sheet.

Cut off just a sliver of the rainbow blend and use it to tint the sheet of white pearl clay.

When the sheet is tinted as evenly as you'd like, fold it in half and feed it through the pasta machine lengthwise.

Lay the long sheet down and put 8-10 drops of Sculpey Diluent on the surface and smear it over the sheet.

Sprinkle a tiny bit of Black Oxide Powder all over the diluent. With a gloved hand, smear the powder over the entire surface, leaving the coverage uneven.

Cut into eighths, roughly and stack. Compress and reduce the stack to one half it's heighth.

Cut in half (more or less) and stack. Compress, reduce, cut in quarters and stack again.

I've cut the new stack in two so that I can distress them with two different tools. Here, I'm using a wavy waffle blade and a round garnish cutter.

After distressing, square up the stack, making it two or three times as tall as it was, before.

You can then slice from the sides or from the top of this stack.
The slices can then be applied like mokume gane or cane slices to bead shapes, pens, etc. I like to make a sheet of "crazy quilt" slices on a ceramic tile... I then cut out shapes which will be cured for 10-15 minutes right on the tile. I can embed these cured shapes in raw clay for a second curing. The black powder stretches and pales as you condense and recombine your stacks, so you get soft black lines and an overall silvery color.

These coordinating pieces have been sanded with 400 grit sandpaper then buffed on a muslin and then flannel wheel.