Petit Four Cutters

You can cover the cutters, directly, in which case you will probably have to cut the cured clay from the cutter and re-assemble with TLS.

Alternately, you can cover the cutters with parchment or tracing paper, in which case the cured clay will slide right off the form.

Cut a layer of clay to line the bottom of the box (this won't show, so it can be plain) and stack it on top of another layer of clay which will be visible on the outside.

I like to add TLS around the edges, so that it will create a strong bond with the cured part of the box.

If you swirl on some bright PearlEx or Powdered Pearls, it will reflect more light into the interior of the box.

Place the box down firmly onto the sheet you've prepared for the bottom. Trim off the excess clay with a tissue blade.

Now, the top...
Cut a layer of clay to act as a "stopper." Trace about 1/4" outside the cutter with your needle tool, then cut with a curved tissue blade. Apply the "stopper" to the inside of the top layer with a drop of TLS, texture or detail the inside of the stopper as desired, then cure.

Sand, sand, sand, buff, buff, buff.... apply a glaze if you like.

It's very easy to twist a drill bit in your fingers and create holes for stringing these mini-boxes into box pendants. The shapes of these cutters are just ideal for wearable art.