Make Black Pearl or Hematite or Pale Silver Pearl Clay

This is about one 2-oz pkg. of Premo White Pearl. Smear 4-6 drops of diluent over the sheet.

Sprinkle about a half a teaspoon of the black oxide powder over the diluent. Here comes the messy part....

Cover your hands by either wearing gloves or putting plastic bags over them. Carefully spread the black oxide powder over the clay. Work slowly, because the powder tends to "fly away" and get everywhere.

Cut the sheets into sections and stack them up. Squeeze them together and either let them sit for a while to make the mixing less messy, or go ahead and knead and twist until the color is well mixed.

The powder adds very little opacity to this translucent clay, and you can get every shade from your original white pearl to pale, glowing platinum to a beautiful deep hematite. Click to see a better picture. I'm still crazy about Mike B's techniques, and still use them often... these are some lockets made using his methods.