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  • Genesis Heat Oil Colors Phthalo Green 06

    Genesis Heat Oil Colors Phthalo Green 06
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    Genesis oil paint works very well with the clay, because it doesn't dry it "cures." Five minutes at 250 degrees. will cure it... you can use your oven, embossing gun, the Genesis gun or the special curing boxes that are sized for canvases. Soap and water or 91% alcohol clean-up. You can remove paint from cured polymer until the paint is cured. The burnt umber is one of the most beautiful "antiquing" mediums I've found so far. (It's now only available in the jar or in the sampler package) Huge range of colors available, though as with any other oil paint, you'll probably find just a handful that you like working with the most. High-quality, archival artist's pigments, very concentrated for coloring TLS, you'll only need a tiny bit. For painting sculpture, you'll get the translucence of oil paint and a very long "open time", & you decide when to make it "dry."



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