Gilder's Paste
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While using, remove a small quantity and then keep the can closed and well sealed tight. The paste can dry out even in a sealed can. If it does, all is not lost. Pour a small amount of paint thinner on to the cake, and then break it up, mix it with a palette knife. This will reconstitute it. Use it as a paste or thin it and apply with a brush onto the surface. Let it completely dry and a sealer can be applied.
  • Gilder's Paste - Celtic Bronze

    Gilder's Paste - Celtic Bronze
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    Gilders Paste is a non-fading metallic gilding and coloring medium for metals and other surfaces. It is formulated to become a dry, hard and durable wax medium that can sit on the shelf indefinitely. Adding thinner to the portion of paste can rejuvenate it for easier workability.



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