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  • Kato 4 Color Set - Neutral

    Kato 4 Color Set - Neutral
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    Kato Polyclay, oven hardening polymer clay, bakes at 300 F (150 C). However, it can also be cured at 275 F (135 C) with good results and has been approved to cure at 350 F by our toxicologist, however caution should be taken when curing at that temperature, time should be limited to 10 minutes as you will run the risk of discoloration. You should never exceed 365 F. In prior laboratory testing, it has been determined that tensile strength increases at elevated temperatures. Kato Polyclay is available in 21 colors including translucent, metallic, and concentrates. 4-color sets (4oz), 2oz bars and 12.5oz bars. Kato Polyclay is easy to condition with no crumbling. Slice the polyclay into pieces approximately 3/16" thick and roll through the thickest setting of your pasta machine. Finish by folding and rolling. Or, by hand, cut the clay into chunks and knead until it is soft and pliable. Even with continuous kneading and working, Kato Polyclay maintains its ease of workability and does not become sticky. Most Kato Polyclay colors remain unchanged from raw to cured state. Certain colors deepen very slightly when cured. Kato Polyclay is the only clay utilizing vacuum extrusion... a state of the art process that removes internal air pockets. Kato Polyclay is the strongest polymer clay on the market, and each color shares the same durability.



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