Encrusted - Jana Benzon

Date: 04-Oct-2014
Capacity: 20


October 4-5 10am-5pm       - $190


A workshop with Jana Roberts Benzon

Well, folks, I’m pretty excited about offering this workshop in the U.S.! I recently finished a teaching tour in Israel, where I offered this workshop for the first time. It garnered the most enthusiastic response I’ve ever received to a workshop. The students were speechless, and tried to express their joy to me…even with the language barrier, I understood. One woman cried. What a mind-blowing, ‘the possibilities are endless’, technique this is! We’ll explore the ways it can be simple and “clean lined”, or rich and luscious, encrusted with gems and full of interesting and mysterious nooks and crannies. The technique is so much fun to play with – it works both the right (creative, free flowing, organic) and left (systematic, geometric) sides of the brain, leaving you with a very rich finished piece of work! You will learn to create a pendant, brooch or bracelet in class (chances are you’ll have time to finish your bracelet in the workshop, but if not, you’ll definitely receive all the instruction so you can do so on your own at home). Please join me, as we explore another way out of the box technique and once again, experience those lovely ‘ah ha’ moments…

"Encrusted" Pendant/Brooch Pin (or bracelet) Workshop Materials List

Jana Roberts Benzon

Pasta machine, crank, LARGE C clamp
Glass work surface (or a glossy, COMPLETELY SMOOTH 12x12 tile)...these are the two surfaces that work with this technique
New STIFF cutting blade (I prefer Donna Katos Nu Blade)
Older stiff  blade
Alcohol inks (I prefer Ranger/Tim Holtz or Pinata – which seem to be more pigmented)in three or four colors of your choosing
Paintbrushes (in a few sizes from 1/4 to 1/8 inch)
Rubbing Alcohol, please bring a full bottle – we end up using quite a bit!
Cotton swabs (q-tips)
Needle tool (optional...make your own by baking a needle into a polymer clay handle!), or a toothpick
Small cup for cleaning paintbrushes (in alcohol)
Several paper towels
Small tile
Cornstarch or baking powder, about 1/4 cup
Thin wire, approx 32 gauge, 1 yard or so..if you don’t have any, no worries – I’ll have some to share
Super Glue
Liquid Clay (Translucent Liquid Sculpey preferred if you have it)
Exacto knife

Texture sheet or whatever you like to use for textures

jewelry pliers

stiff toothbrush
2" Metal tube, 4-6 mm diameter (I will provide these)
Plastic Deli sheets or plastic wrap
Pinback (if you want to make a brooch pin)

metal bracelet blank if you prefer making a bracelet (or at least beginning one ) in the workshop. Either cuff or bangle style will work. It shouldn’t be any wider that about 1-1 ¼”, and needs to have a flat surface, as opposed to curved.
Small metal tube (I will bring some)
Gems, beads, flat back crystal or cabochons in different sizes, and in colors that match the alcohol inks you'll be using…if it’s a bead, any size is fine, but if it a cabochon, or anything without a hole, it needs to be larger than about 7mm or so…
Tools - please bring your favorite tools for working with clay, such as dental tools, rubber tipped tools, etc. (I like the size -0- taper rubber tipped tool sold at misterart.com as the "Taper Modeling Tool”)
Polymer clay as follows:  2 oz. black, 2 oz white, 4 oz. translucent, 1 oz of color you prefer as a “background” color (I prefer gold mixed with translucent 50/50, but choose whatever you’d like, or bring a few colors to choose from during the workshop) Note about clay: for this technique, I have found it works much better with a more rigid clay like Kato. Students have used other brands in this workshop, and while it works okay, you’ll get a much less ‘crisp’ look, and it may be more difficult to perform the techniques involved if the clay is a soft brand. If you’re using Kato, please make sure it’s fresh – if it’s old and hard, please soften it with the addition of either liquid clay or fresh, soft translucent clay [at a rate of three parts colored clay to one part translucent clay]).

Camera, optional but very, very useful! To take pictures during demos that will correspond to your handout.

Call with any questions! I’m happy to help…801-718-8903 or jana@janarobertsbenzon.com